For more than 12 years now, the Plus X Award, the world’s largest innovation award for sports, technology and lifestyle, has been awarding innovative luxury products. More than 600 international brands have participated so far. Now, the award is opening up towards services also.

A new panel of judges, consisting of finance and insurance experts has been founded for this purpose. With quality seals for innovation, transparency and performance scope, it will award the best tariffs and companies from the insurance industry. These three quality seals provide a valuable orientation for consumers for choosing the right tariff. At the same time, they give a good overview on the market.


“With the seals, we provide orientation for the consumers looking for top performance and best protection of one’s risks. The insurance companies have the chance to promote their real purpose of differentiation by performance. It is also important to support transparency and create and advantage for those companies who are straightforward and communicate what they can do and what they cannot do clearly.”

Oliver Hautmann, Chairman of the panel of judges for services



In the same way as in the classical fields of the Plus X Award, the focus of the awards is mainly on the quality aspect of a product and less on the quantitative price-performance ratio. This is especially valuable for the insurance market where so far mainly the comparison portals provide the market overview and means a more differentiated perspective for the consumer, honoring the respective premium products.


“The Plus X Award takes into account important new criteria, which make the pre-selection for the consumer much easier. Here, especially the performance scope – the way and amount in which risks are covers – and the transparency of the insurance are important. These two criteria substantially complement the price-performance ratio of the products.”

Prof. Dr. Alyosh Agarwal, member of the panel of judges for finance and insurance