• What distinguishes the Plus X Award from other awards?

    Compared to many other awards, a Plus X Award quality seal stands for the added value of the winning products that consumers find in the relevant areas. The nominated products are judged according to their award-worthy added value – the “Plus X Factor” – in the award categories innovation, high quality, design, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology. The panel of judges of the Plus X Award exclusively consists of industry-neutral experts, trade journalists and market analysts. The independent members of the panel decide based on their deep product and market understanding and only in the interest of the consumer.
  • What award categories are available within the Plus X Award?

    Participating products can be awarded in seven different categories: Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality, Ergonomics and Ecology. In principle, the jury judges every product with regards to each of the seven categories. Thus, a product can win in several categories – the one-time licence fee remains unaffected by this process.

    Additionally, all products have the chance to win another award besides the Plus X Award quality seals. The product that wins the most seals in its product category and has thus been the most successful in most of the categories will be awarded as “Best Product of the Year” in its product category.

    A very special award is given to the manufacturer who has with his products won most award categories within a product category. He will receive the Most Innovative Brand Award. Counted is the number of awards given to the brand. This guarantees that special performance in the categories Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality, Ergonomics and Ecology have equal influence for the Most Innovative Brand Award.

    The seal “Best Design Brand” marks another exclusive award. This seal is awarded to those brands who have won the most quality seals of the “Design” category within their respective product group.

  • How can I participate with my products in the Plus X Award?

    Manufacturers can always hand in their products on www.plusxaward.com on the “Participation” navigation and request their nomination form for the product areas Technology, Sports, Lifestyle and Home and Building Technology.
  • Can I nominate several products or whole product series?

    The number of possible entries is not limited. Additionally, a whole product series can be nominated.
  • What does the participation in the Plus X Award cost?

    To hand in a single product or a complete product series, the nomination fee charged is 390.00 Euro (net value).

    If the nominated product or product series win, there is a licence fee involved for the use of the Plus X Award quality seal for an unlimited time and region.

    • For a single product the licence fee is 3.510.00 Euro (net value).
    • For a product series the licence fee is 8.720.00 Euro (net value).
  • What do I need to do if a product is oversized?

    For delivery, setup and later pick-up of oversized products, please contact Mr. Florian Scholzen ahead to fix a date.
  • Is it possible that I set up and present my products personally to the panel of judges?

    Yes, please also contact Mr. Florian Scholzen in good time.
  • What happens with the product sample after the panel session?

    Of course you can have your products picked up by a delivery service from the Plus X Award or the jury location. Please let us know in advance the date you have arranged for pick-up so we can secure that your products are ready for transport then.
  • In which way can I make use of the Plus X Award quality seals if my products win?

    The Plus X Award quality seals as well as the seal for “Best Product of the Year” may be used connected to the product globally and without any time limit for all marketing activities of a manufacturer.

    The special awards for “Most Innovative Brand of the Year” and “Best Design Brand” are awarded for the innovation and the design language of the winning manufacturers and may also be used globally and for an unlimited time for all marketing activities of a manufacturer – but also across products and don’t necessarily need to be communicated in connecting with the awarded products.

  • Is it possible to get a follow-up licensing for follow-up models?

    In principle: Yes. Pre-requisite of a follow-up licensing is that the follow-up model has the same features that have been the cause for the award of the predecessor. The licence fee for a follow-up licensing is 970.00 Euro per product. In case of a follow-up licensing, please contact the organisers of the Plus X Award directly.
  • Are the winning products presented visibly for consumers?

    The winning products are immediately uploaded and presented in the digital Hall of Fame – a website which has been optimised for touch operation and informs about all winning products.
  • Is there a possibility to expand the presentation in the digital Hall of Fame?

    With the PREMIUMPLUS option, you can add additional content for the winning product (such as links to facebook, twitter or YouTube, or integrate more product images, product video clips or brochures).
  • How do I get access to the Plus X Award seal if I am a winning manufacturer?

    As awarded manufacturer, you will receive an email that contains a seal download in German and English, in two different colour variations (for the ideal integration into your PoS and advertising activities) as well as two different file formats: as vector graphics (EPS) and as jpg image file.
  • Am I obliged to pay the licence fee?

    The licence fee and its included rights to use the Plus X Award quality seal for an unlimited time is only valid for manufacturers whose products have won a seal in the award. In this case, the payment of the licence fee is obligatory.