The highly anticipated, eleventh award ceremony of the Plus X Award was held in Bonn on the 23 June 2016. More than 350 invited guests experienced an entertaining and colourful premium gala evening. Thus, Bonn went back to being the federal capital once again: the federal capital of innovation.

Donat Brandt, host and president of the Plus X Award, greeted the numerous top decision makers from industry and retail as well as selected personalities from society, media and politics in the dignified atmosphere of the plenary hall of the first German Bundestag. The impressively designed stage under the orange-illuminated “Bundesadler” in combination with the carefully floodlighted hall formed the perfect environment for the Plus X Award Night.

At the end of the evening, 26 brands had received the golden, nearly seven kilo heavy trophy from the laudatory jury members and ambassadors of the Plus X Award. The imposingly designed stage in the plenary hall, which is protected as a historic building, offered the perfect frame for a stylish premium evening. Besides the Most Innovative Brands, well-selected special awards were handed over to some brands and characters. Dénes Honus from Green City Solutions received the Young Innovator Award from Peter Bornschein, Leading Consultant at IIC Solutions Consulting. In addition, Brand was awarded as “Design Team of the Year”. This award was handed over by Frank Kreif, the President of the Plus X Award Panel of Judges. Several show elements rounded off the eveing. “The Westbunch Live” presented several performances which had been specifically created for this evening.

The most emotional part of the evening was the posthumous honoring of Dieter Burmester, high-end audio pioneer, who died last year. His widow Marianne Burmester received the trophy for the lifetime achievement from the President of the Plus X Award, Donat Brandt.


Impressions of the Plus X Award Night 2016


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