The highly anticipated, eleventh award ceremony of the Plus X Award was held in Bonn on the 18 June 2015. More than 350 invited guests experienced an entertaining and colourful premium gala evening. Thus, Bonn went back to being the federal capital once again: the federal capital of innovation.

Donat Brandt, host and president of the Plus X Award, greeted the numerous top decision makers from industry and retail as well as selected personalities from society, media and politics in the dignified atmosphere of the plenary hall of the first German Bundestag. The impressively designed stage under the orange-illuminated “Bundesadler” in combination with the carefully floodlighted hall formed the perfect environment for the Plus X Award Night.

During the evening, 26 brands from different industries in technology, sports and lifestyle received their golden, nearly seven kilo heavy “Most Innovative Brand” trophy from the members of the panel of judges of the Plus X Award. That way, Christoph Grundig, founder of Synconice, received the Young Innovator Award out of the hands of Olaf Sturm, president of the panel for consumer electronics audio. This award was handed over for the second time. In addition, two German car brands each got a special award. The president of the panel, Frank Kreif, could honour Volkswagen for the design team of the year and Mercedes Benz for the R&D team of the year.

The emotional highlight of the evening was the honouring of Prof. Dr. Hartmut Esslinger with the Lifetime Achievement Award. With standing ovations, Esslinger, one of the most influential industrial designers of all times, received the award from Dirk Hagen Zimmermann, the design expert in the Plus X panel of judges.


Bilder der Plus X Award Night 2015